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Humanism in School and Church

August 15th, 2021

According to the humanitarian view, morality is a choose-your-own-adventure novel. And just like these novels, you can end up in deep water with the wrong choice. The humanitarian view claims to base its truth off man’s reason. In this case, every man’s view is equal and equally valid. And societies truth is basically the same thing – a group of people deciding what they think is good (democratic consensus). It’s not based off a higher authority because man is (apparently) the only reasoning being (The Vitruvian Man is a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci showing man as the measure of all things).

For humanists, reason is based off pragmatism and pragmatism is based off whatever feels the best for the most amounts of people (or for non-humanitarians, whatever is best for the strongest alpha-male). Therefore, if the person making the curriculum on Ethics has a homosexual feminist daughter, they’ll most likely be sympathetic and include pro-homosexual and feministic literature into their curriculum. This may be overt or subtle and quite difficult for parents to recognize.

For instance, a New York school student and lesbian, Jesse Bethel, joined with the American Civil Liberties union to demand the school stop discrimination against homosexuals in their curriculum. As a result district officials agreed. As part of their agreement officials showed pro-homosexual films and assigned homework about same-sex families.

Another example shows rife blurring of gender boundaries. In California, students can now choose which bathrooms they use depending on which sex they feel like on the day. This means girls may use a male’s urinal, and a male may use a female’s toilet. The bill signed by the Californian Governor outlines how kindergarten kids should be encouraged to decide what gender they are, and then act accordingly.

But, humanists have no good reason to reject (or accept) Christian values. This is because a universe run by matter, motion and chance can have no right or wrong. Humanists don’t have a reason to teach ethics because human reasoning without God is empty. It’s like studying a roulette wheel every time a ball falls into a particular pocket, and trying to figure out an order. There is none!

Humanism has also infiltrated our churches. Pastors, like the charismatic Joel Osteen, now preach Christian humanism. This is the belief that one can find fulfillment through combining spirituality and materialism. It aims to join Christian teaching and humanistic thinking together. And this, apparently, will fulfill us. Joel Osteen, whose books feature regularly on the Christian Koorong Magazines, is a ripe example of this. His popularity has soared, by using a humanistic, feel-good gospel, which is contrary to the gospel preached in the New Testament. Humanism teaches man is able to discern right from wrong and disregards human sinfulness the antithesis of Biblical Christianity. Simply put, man is not able to discern right from wrong without God, and when they try, the way leads to death (Prov 16:25). Church is not a Joel Osteen event where we find and use God’s word as our personal psychologist.